FabFitFun Spring Box + Discount

This box is what dreams are made of! 

Have your tried FabFitFun boxes? Each season they come out with a new box that has all kinds of goodies. Not just samples but full sizes of health, beauty, and fitness items!

I haven’t tried a box myself but have heard and seen all sorts of great things about it. The thing I’m interested in is they have unique items that you don’t just find everywhere and it’s always a surprise as to which particular items you’ll receive.

This month’s box, for example, contains a Gypsy 05 Roundie and a really cute makeup bag! The Roundie (not an affiliate link) alone costs $50 so it’s like you’re getting all the other items for free! You can use the Roundie as a blanket, shawl, tablecover, and more. But read on . . . I’ve got a discount code for you to use!

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How to Organize Messy Drawers

Organizing Messy Drawers

About a year ago, I had had it with my drawers. I’m always a little OCD when it comes to folding things–shirts, towels, sheets–but I just didn’t have the right technique for folding my shirts so that 1.) I know what shirts I have and 2.) they don’t all come unfolded when I take out one from the bottom of the stack.

I’m not sure where I found this technique (probably Pinterest!); if I find the source I’ll post it here. This has been a life saver for me! And my kids can actually keep their drawers pretty organized for a while, too–which is saying a lot! 🙂

So here’s how I do it:

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Hoppy Spring Printable Poster is Now at Etsy!

I love spring and all the newness of the season! Snow ends, flowers and trees begin to bloom, robins and bunnies begin to dance around. What better way to celebrate spring and Easter than with an update to your decor. I designed this Hoppy Spring printable poster in a standard 8″ x 10″ size so that you can print, frame, and feel fresh and new. It’s a rustic style with white cutout of a rabbit on a wood background, but can be dressed up in glitzy gold or whatever else to match your own style. Hang it on your wall or create a fun vignette of favorite items.

Visit my Etsy shop to get your copy of Hoppy Spring and see my other seasonal printable items, too!

Shopping: St. Patrick’s Day at Target

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here! I’m part Irish and if there’s one tradition we stick to–even more than wearing green–we always have corned beef and boiled potatoes on St. Patrick’s Day. My kids actually love it and look forward to it. I also like to try to do something in green–decorations or a dessert. I’m not sure what I’m doing yet, but I found some fun inspiration at Target.

  1. Artificial potted succulent plants (in the Target Spot)
  2. Lexar Jumpdrive Storage in green ($8.99; I couldn’t find green on the website. Maybe it’s just a seasonal thing.)
  3. Green gardening boots ($29.99; in the seasonal area with other gardening items)
  4. Lemongrass & thyme candle by Archaeology ($14.99)
  5. Light & dark green bath towels ($4.99)
  6. Cute Smith & Hawken ceramic toadstool/mushroom perfect to hide leprechauns from the rain (on sale this week for $14.44; regular $16.99)
  7. Pillowfort lime bowls ($.79 in Housewares)
  8. Couldn’t resist this lovely white jersey rose ruffle pillow by Xhilaration (on sale for $15.99; regular $19.99)
  9. Lime vase filler by Threshold ($9.99)

(This post is not in any way sponsored by Target or the brands it carries; just a listing of what I think is cute and links to find it on their website–if applicable.)

Do you have any special traditions for St. Patrick’s Day?

Shopping: Spring at Target

I was walking at the mall last week–as I often do in the mornings–and stopped into Target to look around and found some very cute things for spring and Easter that I’d like to share with you.

Starting from the top left and working to the right and down:

  1. White ceramic bunny and bird candy bowls.
  2. Small pink glass cake stand ($5.00; in the Target Spot at the front of the store)
  3. Cute pink porcelain candle holder and crates ($3.00; found in the Target Spot at the front of the store)
  4. Contigo Purity 20 oz. glass water bottles in nice spring colors! ($14.99; in the Housegoods sections)
  5. Adorable framed bear print with a floral headband by Pillowfort. ($14.99; found in the framed art section) This has a matching throw pillow, too!

What types of things do you look for for spring and Easter decor and where do you find it?

(This post is not in any way sponsored by Target or the brands it carries; just a listing of what I think is cute and links to find it on their website.)

Printable Bible Verse Artwork | Jeremiah 29:11

Are you needing to update your wall with some fresh artwork? Check out my newest printable poster featuring the Bible verse Jeremiah 29:11. It comes in and 8″ x 10″ size ready to print once or many times. Great gift idea, too!

I was inspired to create this piece after my SIL encouraged me with this verse. I love watercolor and teal and these fonts so it all came together quite nicely, I think.

Do you have a favorite verse you’d like to see in print?